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Lockview High School

Lockview High School, 148 Lockview Road, Fall River, Nova Scotia, B2T 1J1

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Inclement Weather  


To ensure parents are aware of the board’s policy and procedures for canceling busses and/or schools in the event of inclement weather, please be advised of the following. 


The Halifax Regional School Board takes great care when making the decision to alter the normal operations of schools in the event of severe or inclement weather. Decisions on school closures and/or bus cancellations are posted on the board’s website at , on Twitter at, recorded on 464-INFO (4636) and communicated to all local radio stations. You can also receive notice of school and bus cancellations by e-mail or text message by following the link on the front page (left side) of the HRSB website.



Street Safety


Always exercise caution when crossing streets or walking in crosswalks.  Please consider removing headphones or ear buds to remove distractions when walking or exercising.


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Program of Learning Assessment for Nova Scotia

Please visit for information about the Program of Learning Assessment for Nova Scotia, the most recent provincial, national, and international assessment results, and the 2012-2013 Nova Scotia Assessment Schedule.

Respect for our Community/Neighborhood

Unfortunately, we have been receiving phone calls to the school from our surrounding neighbors and community regarding parking and littering on streets and private property. 

This announcement is to remind students to observe all municipal laws including parking and littering. 

A Reminder to our School Community


Lockview High School is a scent-sensitive environment, as outlined in our Student Handbook on page 32.  To that end we ask students, staff and visitors to use/wear unscented personal care products.





Recent events throughout Nova Scotia school communities and even in our own school communities within the Halifax Regional School Board have made us more aware than ever of the devastating and tragic effects of bullying.


Bullying is about human relationships, power and control.  Bullying is intentional, hurtful and repeated behavior that intimidates, threatens harm, or victimizes another person to make the victim feel weaker.


Some of the ways bullying behaviors differ from inappropriate behaviors are:


·        Bullying is a repeated behavior


·        Bullying is an unfair match and/or there is a power imbalance or abuse of power


·        Bullying is intentional and hurtful behavior


·        The behavior is intended to threaten, intimidate, or victimize someone



If you believe you are being bullied or if you believe a friend or classmate is being bullied, tell an adult - report the incident to your principal, vice-principal or school counselor.


Phone: (902) 860-6000,  Fax: (902) 860-6005,  E-Mail: