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Extended Student Absences

Academic success is directly impacted by attendance, and therefore any activity which inhibits a student’s ability to attend class, inhibits their ability to learn. The first priority of the school is toward education and, as such, the school cannot support extended “absences of choice”. The school’s focus on the crucial importance of attendance is reflected in the following:
  • Halifax Regional School Board – Student Attendance Protocol for Schools – Guiding Principles “Students need to attend school regularly in order to meet the expectations of the Education Act and the Public School Program ( PSP). They need to be present in order to grow academically, socially, emotionally and physically in the direction set by the PSP, and in order to have their learning assessed on a regular basis. it is essential that eve!)’ school develop strategies to ensure the regular attendance of all students.”
  • Halifax Regional School Board – School Trio Guidelines Regardless of the educational value of any school trip, even on International Trips, schools are not permitted to take students out of school for any longer than 3 school days.
Lockview High School does recognize that, from time to time, personal opportunities (ie a gifted athlete, extended international family trip etc.) may arise where parents/guardians may be considering that their son/daughter have an extended absence. For purposes of these guidelines, Lockview High School is defining “extended absences of choice” as any absence longer than five school days and an absence considered for the reasons given above and not absences which are “beyond the student’s control” (ie serious illness). We ask that the following points be carefully considered prior to making a choice between attending school and the extended “absence of choice”.
  • The attending Vice-Principal must be advised in writing or email by the parent/guardian a minimum of three weeks prior to the beginning of the absence in order to advise appropriate teachers and so that it is not assumed that the student has left school.
  • The student should be in good standing with the school with regards to
    • Attendance
    • academic standing
    • behaviour.
  • While away the student should partake in a minimum of 2-3 hours designated study time daily.
  • The student will be held accountable for all work missed. In some subjects/cases, teachers may be able to provide packages of work for students to take with them and/or communicate by email. In other subjects/cases, it will be entirely the responsibility of the student to make up missed work before leaving and/or upon return.
  • Should a piece of formative assessment take place during the students “choice of absence”, while the student will have an opportunity to complete a corresponding summative assessment, it is understood that opportunities for the student to engage in formative assessment work during the absence will be limited or nonexistent. (Formative assessment pieces take place over a period of time, are used to enhance student learning, and give the student more than one opportunity to master the program outcome(s) before a mark is assigned. If a student is not present in class during the period of time when a formative assessment piece is provided, achievement of outcomes will be determined with a summative assessment piece (one oppot1unity) for which a mark is assigned.)
  • Extended leave absences will be considered excused absences. Should the number of these absences alone or combined with any other excused absence day(s) exceed 6 days, the student will not be eligible to receive an exam exemption.
  • In some situations an assignment connected to the student’s schooling and the reason for travel may be required for submission upon return.

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